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Pay any business with LEVEN and save over 5%

Leven is a user owned network, no middlemen like the credit card and payment processors. So whenever you pay with Leven Tokens to any business accepting Leven Tokens, you pay 95% and mine 5% from Leven Project reserves, claiming instant benefits as an owner of the network.

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Businesses accept LEVEN payments with 0 processing fees

As an owner of the network, you enjoy many benefits from accepting Leventoken for payments of your goods and services. Your business pays no fees to accept Leventokens payments Unlike a traditional bank or payment card transaction, Leventoken payments don't involve sending any sensitive customer account information through the network, No chargebacks, Each transaction can't be decrypted or reversed.

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Developers built apps mine rewards and process transactions

Leven Project is an open developer colony, Our developers benefit from mining activities and a dedicated pool of tokens created from a percentage of Leven Reserves. Token distributions are done quarterly to all active approved apps by the developer community. Your apps mine leventokens each time its used by a business to accept payments

Leven Token ICO starts March 1st 2022.

Public sale is open. Please connect your wallet. LEVEN is on Uniswap and Pancakeswap Contact for more information

Leven Token ICO In Progress


Potswork App Payment Integration

Our 1st Leven Project application will provide crypto payment options for a local service app called Potswork. Potswork is a local service app for freelancers and businesses providing services like rideshare drivers, movers, cleaners, handymen and a host of other online services. Potswork apps were launched in 2021 and already have over 400,000 downloads combined on the app stores. Potswork is also looking to accept goods for sale from businesses all over the world only via Leventoken payment. The Leven project complements crypto payment options for Potswork apps, with the 1st of millions of applications to power the Leven Project Network.


Product Token For Crowdfunding Campaigns

Tap into the over $3 trillion dollar market. No coding necessary. Give your product crowdfunding campaign some rocket fuel. Leven Network app Product token allows any startup planning on crowdfunding to easily setup a token campaign on our user friendly crowdfunding platform. Crowdfund with


People Token Exchange

Know your MarketCap. Invest In someone else's future. Leven Network People token allows anyone to start their own token on One you can gain value as you progress in life. Whether you are a social influencer, a scientist or student athlete, with you can carry a MarketCap forever. It's as easy as setting up a social media account and ready to trade your new token on the Leven Network People Token Exchange. Start your token today and Leventokens will make the rest happen for your launch to the moon.

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Leven Network Wallet

A wallet that gives you access to a full suite of DeFi services in one place. Receive payments, send payments, diversify your Leven tokens to your favorite people and grow with them. It could be your favorite social influencer or athlete, it under the same Leven Network

Leven Network Roadmap

Funds Allocation

Token Distribution

Frequently asked questions

Trade value for goods and services should be set only by trading parties, accessibility to trade should be free

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